2‑way coaxial horn‑loaded full‑range loudspeaker

  • Ideal for reverberant spaces 
  • Pattern control maintained down to 500 Hz 
  • 15-inch SMX2151 woofer 
  • 2-inch ND2B titanium HF compression driver 
  • Rotatable Constant-directivity waveguide 
  • Six available coverage patterns from 40º x 30º to 90º x 90º 
  • 106 dB sensitivity, 139 dB maximum SPL 
  • Power handling: 500 W continuous, 2000 W peak 
  • 4th-order passive crossover with HF protection 
  • Trapezoidal enclosure in three finishes: EVCoat, FG or PI 
  • M10 threaded suspension points (28)

The EVH family of models employs an unmatched combination of superior acoustic design and rigging, allowing vertical and horizontal clusters to be built using any combination of loudspeakers from the entire EVF & EVH Series. Twenty-eight suspension points for use with rated eyebolts or EV-I cluster hardware provide low-cost, simple rigging solutions.


Frequency Range (-10 dB) 50 - 16000kHz
Suspension (28) M10 Threaded Points
Minimum Impedance

Nominal Impedance (Passive)
HF Transducer ND2B, 2 in (51 mm) Diaphragm Compression Driver
Frequency Response (-3 dB)¹ 60 - 15000Hz
Max. SPL/1m (calc)² 138dB
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H 60°
LF Transducer SMX2151, 15 in (381mm), 2000W Peak
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V 60°
System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak) 500/1000/2000Watts
Crossover Frequency 1300Hz
Enclosure Material 13 Ply Weather Resistant Birch
Grille 16 GA Galvanneal, Powdercoat, with Rotatable Logo
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m 105dB
Height 768.6mm (30.26")
Width 768.6mm (30.26")
Recommended High-Pass Frequency 60Hz
Depth 680.1mm (26.78")
Weight Net 64.9kg (143.08 lbs)
Input Connections Phoenix/Euroblock style screw terminals

Recommended Amplifiers

For optimal sound system performance, Electro-Voice recommends the following amplifiers for EVH-1152S/66.

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