Grid adapter for x1/x2 to x12-125f

  • Couples one or more X12-125F subwoofers to X1 or X2 loudspeakers
  • Supports up to nine X1 or X2 loudspeakers below X12-125F subwoofers
  • Lightweight aluminum construction

The X12-125F-AG adaptor grid safely suspends up to nine X1 or X2 full-range loudspeakers below X12-125F subwoofers in a single flown mixed array.

Model the array in LAPS 3.4 or higher before deployment to ensure that the configuration is valid and safe.


Color Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 178 mm x 996 mm x 763 mm
(7.0 in x 39.2 in x 30.0 in)
Net weight 60.3 lb (27.4 kg)
Shipping weight 74.5 lb (34.3 kg)

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Environmental Compliance Document 148KB 2017年10月03日
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X-LINE ADVANCE INSTALL User Manual EN 31.47MB 2020年02月10日
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