Outrigger kit for x12-125f-dolly

  • Heavy duty outrigger for use with X12-125F-DOLLY
  • Stabilizes a ground-stacked array on an X12-125F-DOLLY
  • Quick and easy installation - no tools required
  • Installs to front or rear depending on the stack's center of gravity
  • X12-125F-DOLLY can be wheeled into place with outriggers pre-installed

The X12-125F-DOK dolly outrigger kit stabilizes an X12-125F-DOLLY that is supporting a ground-stacked array. The outriggers attach easily without tools and all required hardware is included. The X12-125F-DOK consists of heavy-duty outrigger assemblies that mount quickly to a loaded dolly and can be oriented to the front or rear to provide the necessary stabilization. The X12-125F dolly accommodates two X12-125F-DOK outrigger kits to level the array on uneven surfaces. Model the array in LAPS 3.4 or higher before deployment to ensure that the configuration is valid and safe.


Color Red
Dimensions (H x W x D) 465 mm x 152 mm x 843 mm
(18.3 in x 6.0 in x 33.2 in)
Net weight 8.50 kg (18.75 lb)
Shipping weight 21.50 kg (47.50 lb)

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