EVU Ultra-Compact 2-Way Speaker Systems

  • 6.5- and 8-inch woofers allow ultracompact enclosures
  • Delay systems
  • Under-balcony applications
  • Front-fill applications
  • Wall-mount applications
  • Distributed audio systems
  • Asymmetrical enclosure shape provides an appropriate vertical aiming angle for both under-balcony and stage-lip applications
  • Sophisticated, 18-dB-octave passive crossover/EQ networks
  • Supplied U-bracket
  • Rear mounting points accept OmniMount brackets
  • Available in black or white (interior use)

Electro-Voice developed the first “constant directivity” waveguides in the 1970s, which, unlike conventional devices of the day, maintained their rated coverage angles over a wide frequency range. EV constant directivity meant that anyone seated in the waveguide’s pattern received the same frequency balance as anyone else, a great boon in providing truly uniform coverage and sound quality across a venue.

Today’s EVU waveguide incorporates the design refinements of over 30 years’ development. Its square mouth makes the EVU 90° x 50° coverage pattern rotatable, so enclosure orientation is independent of the desired horizontal coverage pattern. The six-inch overall mouth size is a good physical and directivity match to the EVU’s 6.5- and 8-inch woofers.

All four EVU systems employ an ICT-1-8 small-format high-frequency compression driver with a 1.3-inch titanium diaphragm, mounted on a six-inch-square, 90° x 50° rotatable waveguide. The systems are shipped to provide a 90° horizontal coverage angle when the long enclosure axis is horizontal.


Ultracompact 2‑way w/single 6.5" woofer

Ultracompact 2‑way w/single 8" woofer

Ultracompact 2‑way w/dual 6.5" woofers

Ultracompact 2‑way w/dual 8" woofers


Name Language Size Date
EVU 1062-95_BLK A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 1062-95_WHT A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 1082-95_BLK A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 1082-95_WHT A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 2062-95_BLK A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 2062-95_WHT A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 2082-95_BLK A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
EVU 2082-95_WHT A&E Specification EN 55KB 11.18.2020
Name Size Date
All Electrovoice BIM 66.54MB 03.24.2021
EVU-1062.rfa 1.74MB 01.16.2019
EVU-1082.rfa 1.73MB 01.16.2019
EVU-2062.rfa 1.74MB 01.16.2019
EVU-2082.rfa 1.74MB 01.16.2019
Name Language Size Date
ProSound Loudspeakers and Electronics Catalog EN 15.43MB 04.02.2019
Retail catalog EMEA EN 59.07MB 11.10.2020
Retail catalog EMEA DE 29.85MB 11.10.2020
Name Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document 148KB 10.03.2017
EVU Series EC Declaration of Conformity 595KB 07.04.2019
Evu Series, EC Declaration of Conformity 595KB 12.18.2019
Name Size Date
EVU Universal Bracket CAD Drawing DWG 267KB 03.16.2012
EVU-1062 2D CAD DWG 198KB 10.21.2011
EVU-1062 3D CAD DWG 196KB 10.21.2011
EVU-1082 2D CAD DWG 171KB 10.21.2011
EVU-1082 3D CAD DWG 171KB 10.21.2011
EVU-2062 2D CAD DWG 185KB 10.21.2011
EVU-2062 3D CAD DWG 187KB 10.21.2011
EVU-2082 2D CAD DWG 201KB 10.21.2011
EVU-2082 3D CAD DWG 193KB 10.21.2011
Name Size Date
All Electrovoice EASE ZIP 598.1MB 03.24.2021
EVU_EASE files ZIP 452KB 01.24.2018
Name Language Size Date
EVU-1062/95 Engineering Data Sheet EN 864KB 06.21.2011
EVU-1082/95 Engineering Data Sheet EN 865KB 06.21.2011
EVU-2062-95 Engineering Data Sheet EN 878KB 03.21.2012
EVU-2082/95 Engineering Data Sheet EN 877KB 06.21.2011
Name Language Size Date
System solutions Multi-purpose auditorium EN 925KB 02.25.2020
System solutions Small house of worship EN 708KB 02.25.2020
EVU Folleto Español ES 1.65MB 09.27.2012
EVU Hoja Técnica Español ES 467KB 09.27.2012
Name Language Size Date
EVU Series User Manual EN 456KB 09.08.2015
EVU-TK60 Installation Instructions EN 30KB 03.22.2012
Name Size Date
AOTHWG Houston 29 1.65MB 04.12.2017
Grace Community 01 2.19MB 07.09.2018

EVU 1062BGrle

EVU 1082BGrle

EVU 2082BGrle

EVU 1062BACcv1

EVU 1062WACcv1

EVU 1062WGrle

EVU 1082WGrle

EVU 2082BACcv2

id-1124 product-EVU 2062BGrle

Name Language Size Date
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB 11.26.2014
Warranty conditions for Electro-Voice products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa EN 496KB 09.29.2020
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB 11.30.2016
Warranty conditions for Electro-Voice products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa DE 492KB 06.19.2019
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Basic Audio Terminology EN 2.74MB 12.13.2012
Audio 101 - Loudspeaker Basics EN 3.02MB 12.13.2012
EASE Data Explanation EN 934KB 11.17.2015
PA Bible 02: Power Handling Capacity EN 422KB 12.26.2007
The EV PA Bible EN 1.14MB 12.26.2007
The PA Bible Chapter Zero EN 1.14MB 06.11.2018

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