90° horizontal, 2‑way compact line array element

  • Full-bandwidth, two-way elements
  • Most compact, very lightweight
  • Bi-amp or full-range operation
  • Neodymium transducers
  • Simple, quick, integrated rigging
  • Supported by LAPS II aiming and flying software


Frequency Response (-3dB) 90 Hz-18 kHz¹
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 75 Hz-20 kHz¹
Max Calculated SPL 138 dB Cont., 144 dB Peak²

Horizontal Coverage 90°
Vertical Coverage Array Dependant, Software Definable
Rigging Fully Captive Aluminum, 1° increments, 16 elements with 8 to 1 Safety Factor
LF Power Handling 200W Cont., 800W Peak
HF Power Handling 80W Cont., 320W Peak
LF to HF Crossover Frequency 1760 Hz³
LF Passband 1 x 8 inch DVN2080, 16 ohms
HF Passband 2 x ND2S-8, 16 ohms
Connectors Gland nut with 30 ft cable
Enclosure 13-ply birch plywood with fiberglass and EVCoat
Grille Stainless steel with powder coat paint and hydrophobic cloth
Environmental Specifications IEC 60529, IP55
Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.90 in x 20.30 in x 14.52 in (251 mm x 516 mm x 369 mm)
Net Weight 38 lb (17.2 kg)
Shipping Weight 41 lb (18.4 kg)


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