Remote control interface for IRIS‑Net

  • USB-CAN converter for IRIS-Net enabled devices
  • Supports up to 100 CAN devices
  • Parallel CAN connections on RJ-45 Ethercons
  • USB-powered
  • XLR jack for audio bus monitoring
  • 19-inch rackmount panel included
  • Status LED shows CAN activity and device status


Height 39.5mm (1.56")
Width 105mm (4.13")
Depth 130.4mm (5.13")

Weight Net 28.22oz (800g) (with 19“ panel)
Power Consumption³ 200 mA max
Power Supply + 5 VDC (from USB interface)
Maximum Output Voltage 8.7 V / +21 dBu
Output Impedance (Balanced) < 100Ω
Data Format CAN specification 2.0B (29 bit ID)


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