X12-125F-DOLLY Dolly for x12 125f flying sub by Electro-Voice


Dolly for x12-125f flying sub

  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Dimensioned for efficient truck packing
  • Accepts X12-125F-DAK ground stack adapter kit
  • Works with X12-125F-DOK outrigger kit

The X2-125F-DOLLY transports one column of X12-125F subwoofers. The dolly accommodates two subwoofers facing forward or three subwoofers in forward-backward-forward cardioid configuration. X12-125F subwoofers lock to the dolly using their integrated rigging systems.


Color Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 492.5 mm (19.4 in) x 1143.0 mm
(45.0 in) x 812.8 mm (32.0 in)
Net weight 127.3 lb (57.7 kg)
Shipping weight 143.4 lb (65.0 kg)


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