NetMax 300 MIPS digital matrix controller

  • Full IRIS-Net supervision, control, and scheduling
  • Comprehensive 32-channel routing and mixing
  • Huge range of DSP filters, EQ, dynamics, and delays
  • FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization
  • 300 MIPS internal processing
  • Up to 1000 MIPS of processing power available per unit
  • 115 dB dynamic range for clean, quiet sound
  • Internal 48-bit processing for outstanding audio fidelity
  • Auto-compiling DSP engine with ultra-low fixed latency
  • Modular architecture with hardware expansion slots  
  • Fully-programmable analog and digital GPIO support
  • Support for Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and CAN
  • CobraNet and Dante audio networking options


Height 88.1mm (3.47")
Width 483mm (19.02")
Depth 381mm (15")

Weight Net 7.37kg (16.25 lbs)
Power Consumption³ 90 W max. (incl. 2 x AI-1, 2 x AO-1, 1 x CM-1 modules)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted) 115dB
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Network Control (IRIS-Net) Yes
Sample Rate 48 kHz internal
Data Format 24 Bit linear A/D and D/A conversion, 48 Bit processing
Internal Processing 2 DSPs Standard (150 MHz, 300 MIPS)1 DSP per Audio Module (100 MHz, 100 MIPS)DSP-1 Extension Module optional (+300 MIPS)
Network Interface Ethernet-10/100 MBit/s, RJ-45
CAN Bus Interface 2 x RJ-45
Serial Interface 2 Ports, 9pin D-Sub female (Remote Control)
GPIO Control Ports 2 x 6-pole Euro block4 Control Inputs (analog 0 - 10 V / logic control)3 Control Outputs (Relay contact to ground) 1 Fault Output (NC Relay contact) 3 Reference Outputs (+5 V / +10 V/ GND)
Cooling Left-to-right, 3-stage fan
Audio Network CobraNet CM-1 Module (optional)
FIR-Drive Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005%


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N8000 front-trans

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