RE3-ACC-PLPA Passive log periodic antenna, 470 960MHz by Electro-Voice


Passive log periodic antenna, 470-960MHz

  • Extends system range
  • High efficiency with 10 dB of passive gain
  • Mounts on standard threaded microphone stand

The PLPA is a passive directional antenna, which increases the desired RF signal while rejecting unwanted RF signals. PLPA mounts on a standard threaded microphone stand for easy placement. Intended to extend system range, PLPA should be used in conjunction with high quality, low-loss coax cables such as items from the Electro-Voice CXU grade cables, which are available in various lengths. RF gain at the antenna can be further increased by placing an RE3-ACC-RFAMP RF booster in line using short coax.


Antenna type Passive UHF directional antenna
Frequency band 470 to 960 MHz
Effective working angle 100 degrees

Antenna gain 10 dB
RF connector BNC
Color Black
Net weight 13.6 oz. (388 g)
Gross weight 1 lb 13.6 oz. (840 g)



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