DCS main control module

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The module represents the interface for relay boards, logic boards, analog level I/O-boards, a monitor module, and rotary encoders. It is inserted into slot 1 (the slot all the way on the left) on the rear of the DCS 400 rack frame. It is controlled from the DPM4000 via RS-485 remote interface Maximally 12 relay modules (DCS408R / DCS 409R / DCS 408 / DCS 409), 5 logic input modules (DCS 412R, DCS 412), 2 analog I/O modules (DCS 416R / DCS416), 2 rotary encoders and 1 monitor module DCS 420 can be connected to a single DCS 401R control module.Major Features Two RJ-45 sockets for connecting the DPM 4000 and cascading several DCS 401R or DCS 401 modules. Galvanic isolated RS-485 port. Connector for 2 rotary encoders. Connector for DCS 420 monitor module. Monitoring via watchdog circuitry. Service-functions and testing-software for all connected modules.6 binary switches for setting addresses and selecting service-functions. 1 pen-tip pushbutton - test start. 3 LED‘s - red, yellow, green for test mode and status. A maximum amount of 8 modules DCS 401R or DCS 401 can be cascaded.


Height 3.17" (80.6mm)
Width 1.48" (37.5mm)
Depth 9.65" (245mm)

Weight Net 456.36lbs (207kg)

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