Zone switching relay cards

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These modules provide relay contact closures for use in switching audio or other control functions. The 408R is capable of switching of 70v or 100V speaker lines. The 409R is capable of switching line level audio signals or control outputs. The 408R can also be used to provide contact closures where higher voltages and/or current may be involved. Major Features 5 line relays, each with 2 switching contacts. Phoenix type connector for all contacts. 5 relay control-LED‘s. Configuring the signal distributor is possible through separating wire-bridges. 12 DCS relay modules can be cascaded.


Operating voltage 24V DC, -10% / +30%
Operating current relays off 5.2 mA to 7.8 mA
Operating current relays off at 24 V 5.5 mA

Operating current all relays on 55-130 mA
Operating current all relays on at 24 V 60-96 mA
Operating temperature range +5° C to +40° C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 37.5 x 80.6 x 245 mm
Weight 225 g

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