DEM Series

Battery backup supplies

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  • Available Models:
  • DEM313: A 2RU charging unit designed to charge and monitor the DEM316 and DEM317 batteries
  • DEM314: A self contained battery and charger in one complete 3RU chassis.
  • DEM316 and DEM317: Heavy duty rack mount battery components. (For use with the DEM313 charging unit)

The DEM series of emergency power supply components for ProAnnounce provide reliable backup power for critical notification applications. All emergency notification and alarm devices require 2 independent energy sources, both of which must be able to power the alarm device alone. One of the energy sources must be the general mains supply or a similar network in non-stop operation. The other must be part of the apparatus (e.g. a battery) or an equivalent network fused separately. If the mains power supply is interrupted, the second source of energy must guarantee constant non-stop operation automatically and without interruption. If the energy source belonging to the alarm device consists of a battery, the user must ensure that the batteries used are suitable for stationary and floating operation.

The power supply for alarm devices must not be used to supply other apparatus or parts. However, electrical equipment which serves to pass on messages may also be powered by the said source. An automatic charging device is required to charge and maintain the battery. It must be able to charge a battery which is discharged to its discharge voltage up to 80% max. of its rated capacity within 24 hours. The battery capacity must be sufficient to guarantee the fixed alarm duration at the end of the stored energy time. When selecting new batteries, the user should make sure that their capacity is sufficient to compensate the capacity loss due to natural aging of the batteries during the prescribed service life.

The DEM313 charging unit was especially designed for fully automatic charging and monitoring of batteries in the emergency power supplies of alarm devices. In conjunction with the battery modules DEM316 with 38 Ah or DEM317 with 65 Ah rated capacity, this combination results in a reliable and fail-safe emergency power source for continuous battery power supply operation. The integrated monitoring module ensures permanent battery monitoring. The DEM314 combines the functions of the 313 with a medum duty battery in one self contained 3RU chassis.

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