DPM4000 Modules

I/O cards for the DPM 4000 matrix processor

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The DPM 4000 allows for audio connections and system expansion through the use of interface card modules. There are three basic types of modules available for the DPM4000. They are:

• Audio Input Modules

• Audio Output Modules

• GPIO Control Modules

Slots 1 and 2, located on the far right of the DPM 4000 (as viewed from the rear), are the DPM 4000‘s audio input module slots providing two audio inputs per slot. Each slot can be equipped with any suitable audio input module. The DPM 4000 is shipped with no audio input modules installed. Slots 3 and 4, located to the left of slots 1 and 2, are the DPM 4000‘s audio output slots providing two audio outputs per slot.

The available module configurations include:

NRS90215 2 Input Paging Station Module (2 RJ45)

NRS90216 Mic/Line + 2 x Aux Input Module (XLR + 2pr. RCA)

NRS90217 Mic/Line Input Module (2 XLR)

NRS90218 2 Channel Output Line Module (2 XLR)

NRS90228 2 Channel Aux ( 4 pr. RCA Phono Connectors)

NRS90234 Combination Mic/Line + Paging Console (RJ45 + XLR)

Each slot can be equipped with a 2-channel audio output module. The DPM 4000 is shipped with a 2-channel audio output module installed in slot 3 with slot 4 being left empty.

Slot 5, located to the left of slots 3 and 4, is a control slot, which can be equipped with control modules for general control and query purposes. Control modules provide different kinds of control inputs and outputs. The DPM 4000 is shipped with one 8 channel I/O control module installed. In addition, an extension slot allows retrofitting additional serial ports, which can be used for the intercommunication amongst DPM 4000 managers or to connect additional external devices. For detailed information, please refer to the owner‘s manuals of the individual extensions or modules.

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