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Proannounce system main supplies

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The switch-mode power supply rack units DPP4004 and 4012 are specially designed to supply Dynacord ProAnnounce installations with the operational voltage of 24 V. They manage the power delivery to ProAnnounce systems and work in conjunction with the DEM series battery units to provide fail safe system operation under any conditions. They can also be used to remotely control (on/off) several functions. All aspects of managing the switching between mains and battery supply is performed automatically.

The DPP4004 is a 4 amp supply and can serve most smaller installations up to 10-15 zones with limited external accessories. For larger systems, the 12 amp DPP4012 has ample capacity to deliver the power required for those extensive complex ProAnnounce installations.

Both models constantly communicate with the main DPM4000 unit through the RS485 data line to manage power delivery and monitor the mains supply health.


Height 3.46" (88mm)
Width 19.02" (483mm)
Depth 13.27" (337mm)

Weight Net 17.64lbs (8kg)

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