8x2 matrix audio processor

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The DRM 4000 is a rack-mixer and/or audio signal router offering eight audio inputs and two audio outputs. The inputs are divided into 4 MIC/LINE channels and four AUX channels. Each input channel can be freely assigned to either one or both output channels, offering mono two-channel operation, as well as, stereo operation modes. The DRM 4000 can be used as a pre-mixer for the DPM 4000, expanding the amount of available input channels. DRM 4000 and DPM 4000 can be linked via an RS-485 remote-interface. Priority functions, preset switching and routing are easy to configure and operate. The DRM 4000 Mixer & Router can also be used as stand-alone unit for simple sound reinforcement tasks, e.g. in a multimedia set-up, as well as for straightforward paging installations. Typical applications include the use as a mixer for sound reinforcement systems in conference rooms, multipurpose facilities, clubs, restaurants, houses of worship, etc. With the addition of the RS-232 interface card, the presets of the DRM4000 can be configured to a variety of different routing, level and page ducking settings. This greatly expands the flexibiltiy of the unit and these settings can be remotely triggered by commands sent through the DPM4000 ProAnnounce CPU.


Height 1.73" (44mm)
Width 19.02" (483mm)
Depth 14.17" (360mm)

Weight Net 9.04lbs (4.1kg)

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