The EV-Innovation family of loudspeakers is designed to specifically meet the diverse requirements of installed sound systems. EV-Innovation currently consists of five system formats: compact two-way (EVC), horn loaded (EVH), front loaded (EVF), line array (EVA) and ultra-compact (EVU).

Models from each series may be mixed and matched for consistent performance across any installation, providing system designers with complementary building blocks to address the needs of a wide range of venues and acoustical challenges.

Building on over 90 years of audio design excellence proven in thousands of installations around the world, EV-Innovation systems offer an unprecedented combination of audio performance, versatility, ease of use, and aesthetics.

If you thought that a great-sounding line array is out of your budget, think again. An exceptional choice for houses of worship and similar installations, EVA is a true line array that offers all the benefits of concert-type line arrays without their cost and complexity.

Each full-range EVA element features two 8” woofers and four 1.25” compression drivers mounted to two Hydra planar wave generators. A wide range of coverage patterns are available for precise configuration and coverage. Internal, hidden rigging not only looks great, but also makes EVA incredibly easy to install.

EVA’s extraordinarily efficient crossover and driver design minimizes the need for external DSP and allows two full-sized arrays to be powered by a single amplifier – all adding up to significant cost and space savings.

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The EVH series is a dedicated installed sound solution that builds on everything Electro-Voice has learned about full-range, horn-loaded systems. EVH represents a unique design concept: maintain directivity control all the way down to 500 Hz in a two-way configuration that keeps cost down, while offering an unusually high degree of rigging flexibility and six coverage patterns.

Delivering exceptional value in venues of all sizes, these mid-sized 15" two-way cabinets feature a unique coaxial horn-loaded design that is unmatched for pattern control and intelligibility in reverberant environments.

Vertical and horizontal clusters can be built using any combination of loudspeakers from the EVH and EVF series. As with EVF, a choice of woofer/compression driver combinations are available to suit required performance levels (“D” and “S” versions).

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EVF is the most comprehensive standard line of front-loaded loudspeaker systems ever offered for installed sound applications.

Available in 12" or 15" two-way configurations and enhanced with dedicated low-frequency systems, EVF loudspeakers match exceptional audio performance, efficiency, ease-of-use and aesthetics with unprecedented value.

The EVF series offers seven coverage patterns to aid the design process, and high maximum SPL output capability with extremely low distortion. A choice of woofer/compression driver combinations are available to suit required performance levels (“D” and “S” versions). All 12” and 15” enclosures and the 18” subwoofer have the same height, promoting attractive clusters. An incredibly versatile and budget-friendly choice for the widest range of applications.

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Superior audio quality for small- and medium-sized applications is more affordable and more reliable than ever before with the compact EVC series. Five base models are available in black and white for a wide range of indoor/outdoor sound reinforcement scenarios, each with two coverage patterns and rotatable waveguides.

Three are two-way trapezoidal loudspeaker systems for use in a wide variety of applications where wide bandwidth, vertical and horizontal directivity control, and high efficiency are required in a compact, cost-effective package. The Variable Intensity (VI) model is a two-way design with a unique compound waveguide that can evenly cover a defined rectangular audience area with almost no variation in sound quality and minimal change in level. This Variable Intensity (VI) model is also available with EN54 certification. The 18” subwoofer will complement any of the full-range systems.

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EVU ultra-compact systems bring sound to areas that larger systems cannot reach. Available in versions with single or dual 6½” or 8” woofers, each system features a rotatable 90° x 50° Constant-Directivity waveguide and a small-format compression driver.

EVU provides truly uniform sound dispersion while allowing the horizontal coverage pattern to be independent of enclosure orientation. EVU loudspeakers complement the other members of the EV-Innovation family as delay systems, under-balcony speakers, front fills, or in distributed audio systems. An asymmetrical enclosure shape provides an appropriate vertical aiming angle for both under-balcony and stage-lip applications.

EVU models are small enough to be discreetly installed in the tightest of spaces, in vertical or horizontal orientation, helping to ensure complete coverage across the venue.

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