Quick, precise coverage prediction for loudspeakers

  • Easy, safe sound system setup using previews of coverage, SPL, frequency response and precise mechanical load calculations
  • Full-color 3D interface with user-friendly, flexible tools and streamlined workflow
  • Spectrogram display shows how evenly the venue is covered across the full audio range
  • Quick mapping spotlights deliver immediate visualization of the coverage density
  • Flexible Auto Color mapping maximizes the visual detail in the displays
  • Virtual mic positioning to predict the frequency response anywhere in the venue
  • Simplified creation of subwoofer arrays
  • Report generation with detailed acoustical and mechanical info
  • Time-saving database to import and store project files, drawings and templates
  • Speaker data export to SONICUE Sound System Software

PREVIEW loudspeaker software is a tool to configure Electro-Voice line arrays for optimized, even coverage. The full-color 3D interface helps specifiers, designers, and audio engineers to quickly finding the optimum configuration and overall position of speakers, the angles between loudspeaker elements, amp drive and delay requirements, and other factors that will ensure that arrays deliver the best possible performance in any venue. PREVIEW will also empower the user to create only mechanically safe combinations of loudspeakers and rigging hardware depending on individual safety factors.

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Name Size Date
Electro-Voice_PREVIEW_Early_Adopter_Windows_Beta_v1.4.1_Setup.exe 113.86MB Jul 29, 2020
Electrovoice-PREVIEW_Early_Adopter_MacOS_Beta_ v1.4.1.pkg 249.57MB Jul 29, 2020
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