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Broadcast Microphones

Led by the industry‑standard RE20 and RE27N/D Variable‑D vocal microphones, Electro‑Voice broadcast studio and field production microphones confidently uphold their legendary reputation for excellence. These number‑one choices for voiceover and interview work in radio and television continue to define the sound and the reliability demanded by broadcast professionals around the world.


In broadcast field production, where unquestioned reliability and spot‑on sonic performance are prime requirements, Electro‑Voice mics are the industry's go‑to workhorses. For decades, you've seen Electro‑Voice microphones in the hands of reporters and news correspondents across the globe, capturing interviews ranging from the President of the United States to the family next door. EV's RE50 and 635A mics are famous in broadcast, television and radio in‑the‑field broadcasts, setting the world standard for ENG (electronic news gathering) and EFP (electronic field production). Extremely rugged and able to withstand high humidity, temperature extremes and corrosive environments, such as salt air, Electro‑Voice field production microphones combine excellent sound performance with our legendary "Buchanan Hammer" durability.

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