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RE-1 Handheld

Csh‑1000 re‑1 handheld transmitter

The CSH-1000 is a rugged handheld with interchangeable microphone elements and a soft warm-grip molded onto a high-impact, polycarbonate shell. The CSH-1000 has selectable output power, smart battery, and can be purchased with N/D767a, N/D967, RE410, or RE510 high-performance microphones.


Controls Power On/Off, Audio Gain Adjustment with 26 dB range
Transmit Power Switch, Menu, Set, Up, Down Buttons
Displays Red LED Low Battery Indicator, LCD displays one of the
following: Channel/Group, Frequency, or Battery Level
Battery Life 8 hours with 9V alkaline typical

Antenna Internal 1/2 wave
Microphone Elements EV N/D 767a Dynamic or RE-510 Condenser
RF Output:
5 mW typical
50 mW typical
Size 10.5 in. (26.8 cm) long


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RE1 wRE510 trans-trans

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