8” 两分频同轴吸顶扬声器

  • Low Profile 8" coaxial two-way
  • Waveguide coupled Ti Tweeter
  • Full bandwidth overload protection
  • Front baffle wattage tap adjustment
  • Integrated low loss matching transformer allows for either 70v/100v or 8-ohm operation
  • Includes tile bridge and mounting ring for easy installation
  • Integrated ported enclosure for extended bass response
  • Ideal for ceiling spaces with tight clearance UL and CE listed

The Electro-Voice EVID C8.2LP loudspeaker system is a complete two-way ceiling loudspeaker in a low profile package.

The package consists of a bezel assembly, grille, rear enclosure, 8-inch coax two-way loudspeaker and internal line-matching transformer. The loudspeaker features a waveguide coupled titanium coated dome tweeter. The EVID C8.2LP loudspeaker utilizes a 2nd order crossover network at 2.5 kHz, with a comprehensive protection circuit to protect the network, woofer, and tweeter drivers from excessive power levels. The C8.2LP utilizes a transformer that offers a selection of 1.88 (70-V only), 3.75, 7.5, 15 or 30 watts delivered to the loudspeaker system using either 70-V or 100-V lines, or 8 ohm bypass. Selection is via a convenient switch on the front baffle. The perforated grille is finished in semi-gloss white powder-coated enamel. The baffle and bezel are constructed from UL 94V-0 rated ABS. The rear enclosure is constructed from zinc-plated, heavy gauge steel.

The low profile enclosure makes it easy to mount in tight spaces.

A rear cover, with provisions for a junction box fitting, provides access to a 4-pin terminal block that allows direct connection to the speaker with 12 gauge wire and provides pass through to additional speakers. A tile bridge is included for safe suspension of the C8.2LP ceiling systems in a drop ceiling that uses mineral wool, or other fiber-based ceiling tiles. The EVID line of ceiling speakers has been designed to work together as a complete system in a wide range of different ceiling constructions. They provide wide dispersion, high-efficiency, high-maximum output, ease of installation, and wide-range reproduction of music or voice.


Max Calculated SPL 60 watt Transformer coupled @ 4 meters: 92 dB 100 watt Direct coupled @ 4 meters: 95 dB
HF Transducer 1 in (25 mm) Ti Mylar laminate
LF Transducer 8 in. (200 mm) Polypropylene cone

Grille Perforated powder coated steel wit safety tether
Connectors Phoenix type removable, with scre terminals and "loop-thru", accepts 12 ga wire
Enclosure Baffle- UL 94V-O rated AB Backcan-Zinc plated steel
Dimensions (H x Dia) 7.0" x 10.6 (178mm x 270mm)
Cutout Size 10.75" (272mm)
Net Weight 11.0 lbs (5.0 kg)
Shipping Weight:(pair) 24.0 lbs (11.0 kg)
Support Hardware Tile bridge, backing plate support cutout template, paint shield
Freq. Response (-10 dB) 50 Hz - 20 kHz
Coverage (Conical) 110°
Power Handling 75 W Cont. / 300 W Peak
Sensitivity (SPL 1W/1m) 91 dB
Network Network and transducers protected 12 dB/oct 2.6 kHz
Safety Agency Ratings UL 1480 Safe for use in air handling spaces per UL 2043
Impedance 8 Ohms nominal (transformer bypass)
Transformer Taps 70V: 1.88, 3.75, 7.5, 15 or 30 100V: 3.75, 7.5, 15 or 30W Bypass: 8 Ohms


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