Single 15” 2‑way 90°x40° full‑range fully‑weatherized loudspeaker system

  • Fully-weatherized fiberglass finish with gland nut and stainless-steel grille
  • DH7N 3” (76 mm) diaphragm, 1.4” (36 mm) exit pure titanium compression driver
  • DVX3151A 15” (381 mm) LF transducer with fully symmetric drive
  • Advanced fourth-order crossover network with HF protection
  • Coverage pattern: 90° x 40° Constant Directivity 12” rotatable waveguide
  • 100 dB sensitivity, 134 dB maximum SPL
  • System rating: 600 W continuous, 2400 W peak
  • Active rating: LF 500 W/HF 75 W continuous (2000 W/300 W peak)
  • (22) M10 threaded suspension points

EVF-1152D/94-FG features a 90° x 40° rotatable waveguide, design for medium field medium throw raw spread coverage pattern.


Freq. Response1 (-3 dB)
107 Hz - 18 kHz
Freq. Range1 (-10 dB) 58 Hz - 21 kHz
Rotatable Coverage 90° x 40°

Rec. High-Pass Frequency 55 Hz
Passive Crossover Freq. 1300 Hz
Axial Sensitivity1 100 dB (1 W/1 m)
Max. Calculated SPL1 134 dB
Passive Power Handling2 600 W continuous, 2400 W peak
Impedance 8 ohms (nominal), 6.0 ohms (min.)
LF Transducer - DVX3151A, 15” (381 mm) driver
LF Axial Sensitivity4 100 dB (1 W/1 m)
LF Max. Calculated SPL 133 dB
LF Power Handling3 500 W continuous, 2000 W peak
LF Impedance 8 ohms (nominal), 7.2 ohms (min.)
HF Transducer - DH7N, 3” (76 mm) diaphragm compression driver
HF Axial Sensitivity4 112 dB (1 W/1 m)
HF Max. Calculated SPL 137 dB
HF Power Handling3 75 W continuous, 300 W peak
HF Impedance 8 ohms (nominal), 6.0 ohms (min.)
Connectors Dual four-pin 10 AWG Phoenix/Euro Block
screw-terminals, CDG dual-gland-nut input
panel cover included for weatherizing
Enclosure 13-ply weather-resistant birch with fiberglass
Grille 18 GA stainless steel with hydrophobic cloth
Environmental IEC 60529 IP55
Suspension (22) M10 threaded suspension points
(H x W x D)
30.26” x 18.50” x 18.37”
(768.6 mm x 469.8 mm x 466.6 mm)
Weight 75.7 lb (34.4 kg) net, 86.0 lb (39.1 kg) shipping
1 Half-space measurement.
2 EIA RS-426A, tested for eight hours.
3 AES 2-1984, tested for eight hours.
4 Arithmetic averages, 300 - 1,300 Hz (LF) and 1,300 - 5,000 Hz (HF).

Recommended Amplifiers

For optimal sound system performance, Electro-Voice recommends the following amplifiers for EVF-1152D/94-FG.

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EVF 1152SGr





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