Standard & high‑definition front‑loaded install speakers

EVF is the most comprehensive standard line of front loaded loudspeaker systems ever offered for installed sound. Available in 12" or 15" two‑way configurations and enhanced with dedicated low‑frequency systems, EVF loudspeakers match exceptional audio performance, efficiency, ease‑of‑use and aesthetics with unprecedented value. EVF systems incorporate the latest Electro‑Voice components to ensure years of reliability and exceptional sound. "S" designated systems are equipped with SMX series symmetric drive woofers and ND2B 2" titanium compression drivers; upgraded "D" high definition systems are equipped with our highest performance DVX series symmetric drive woofers and the DH7N 3" pure titanium compression driver.

EVF two‑way full‑range systems are offered in seven coverage patterns that provide solutions for the widest possible range of installation challenges. The 12" Constant Directivity waveguides can be rotated to work with a vertical or horizontal orientation. Biamp operation is supported, but the sophisticated fourth‑order crossover and protection network makes cost‑saving, passive operation extremely attractive. Using optional rigging accessories, you can create attractive clusters that include EVF full‑range systems, as well as EVF subwoofers or EVH full‑range systems. Cabinets are available in three finishes: EVCoat (interior use), PI (indirect weather exposure) or FG (fiberglass—for direct weather exposure); they include twenty‑two M10 threaded suspension points.


15" front‑loaded bass element

18" front‑loaded subwoofer

Dual 15" front‑loaded subwoofer

EVF-D 12
Premium Arrayable 12" loudspeaker

EVF-D 15
Premium Arrayable 15" loudspeaker

EVF-S 12
Arrayable point-source 12" loudspeaker

EVF-S 15
Arrayable point-source 15" loudspeaker


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