EVU Ultra-Compact 2-Way Speaker Systems

  • 6.5- and 8-inch woofers allow ultracompact enclosures
  • Delay systems
  • Under-balcony applications
  • Front-fill applications
  • Wall-mount applications
  • Distributed audio systems
  • Asymmetrical enclosure shape provides an appropriate vertical aiming angle for both under-balcony and stage-lip applications
  • Sophisticated, 18-dB-octave passive crossover/EQ networks
  • Supplied U-bracket
  • Rear mounting points accept OmniMount brackets
  • Available in black or white (interior use)

Electro-Voice developed the first “constant directivity” waveguides in the 1970s, which, unlike conventional devices of the day, maintained their rated coverage angles over a wide frequency range. EV constant directivity meant that anyone seated in the waveguide’s pattern received the same frequency balance as anyone else, a great boon in providing truly uniform coverage and sound quality across a venue.

Today’s EVU waveguide incorporates the design refinements of over 30 years’ development. Its square mouth makes the EVU 90° x 50° coverage pattern rotatable, so enclosure orientation is independent of the desired horizontal coverage pattern. The six-inch overall mouth size is a good physical and directivity match to the EVU’s 6.5- and 8-inch woofers.

All four EVU systems employ an ICT-1-8 small-format high-frequency compression driver with a 1.3-inch titanium diaphragm, mounted on a six-inch-square, 90° x 50° rotatable waveguide. The systems are shipped to provide a 90° horizontal coverage angle when the long enclosure axis is horizontal.


Ultracompact 2‑way w/single 6.5" woofer

Ultracompact 2‑way w/single 8" woofer

Ultracompact 2‑way w/dual 6.5" woofers

Ultracompact 2‑way w/dual 8" woofers


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