PolarChoice wired installation microphones

  • User‑selectable polar patterns
  • Capsule voicings designed for maximum voice intelligibility
  • Unique variety of wired and wireless models
  • Versatile switching to accommodate various application conditions

Available in a variety of boundary, podium, and desktop models, EV’s PolarChoice installation microphones feature user selectable polar patterns—omnidirectional, cardioid, supercardioid, and hypercardioid (figure “8” on the PC Boundary)—that allow a single mic to be used in multiple situations. No matter which pattern you select, PC mics have a consistent voicing optimized for speech, delivering excellent clarity and intelligibility with outstanding feedback rejection.


PC Boundary
Multi‑pattern boundary layer microphone

PC Desktop
Multi‑pattern desktop microphone

PolarChoice Podium
PolarChoice series podium microphone


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