EVA-2082S 920

Dual‑element 90°x20° full‑range line‑array module

  • High performance, cost-effective 
  • Ideal for fixed-installation line arrays 
  • Two array elements in each module 
  • Two 8-inch low-distortion woofers 
  • Four 1.25-inch titanium diaphragm HF drivers 
  • Advanced Hydra(R) plane wave generators 
  • High sensitivity (104 dB) for high output 
  • Super efficient: drive up to 8 boxes from a single amp channel 
  • Sixth-order passive crossover with HF protection 
  • Integrated hidden suspension hardware 
  • Choice of three finishes: indoor, PI and fiberglass 
  • EVADA (EVA Design Assistant) software tool


Frequency Range (-10 dB) 45 - 20000kHz
Suspension EVA Grid (Sold Separately)
Minimum Impedance 12Ω

Nominal Impedance (Passive) 16Ω
HF Transducer (4) DH2005, 1.25 In (32mm) Diaphragm Compression Driver
Speaker Type Full-Range, Line-array
Frequency Response (-3 dB)¹ 60 - 19000Hz
Max. SPL/1m (calc)² 135dB
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H 90°
LF Transducer (2) EVS2008, 8 In (203mm) Driver
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V 20°
System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak) 350, 700, 1400Watts
Crossover Frequency 1740Hz
Enclosure Material Birch plywood
Grille 16 GA Galvanneal, Powder-coated (PI Version - Stainless Steel with Hydrophobic Cloth
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m 104dB (3 module array)
Height 512.2mm (20.17")
Width 596.9mm (23.5")
Recommended High-Pass Frequency 50Hz
Depth 369.1mm (14.53")
Weight Net 36.8kg (81.13 lbs)
Passive Power Handling 1400W peak
Input Connections Phoenix/Euroblock style screw terminals

Recommended Amplifiers

For optimal sound system performance, Electro-Voice recommends the following amplifiers for EVA-2082S 920.

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Name Language Size Date
EVA2082-920_BLK A&E Specification EN 53KB 11.18.2020
EVA2082-920_FGB A&E Specification EN 53KB 11.18.2020
EVA2082-920_FGW A&E Specification EN 53KB 11.18.2020
EVA2082-920_PIB A&E Specification EN 53KB 11.18.2020
EVA2082-920_PIW A&E Specification EN 53KB 11.18.2020
EVA2082-920_WHT A&E Specification EN 53KB 11.18.2020
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ProSound Loudspeakers and Electronics Catalog EN 15.43MB 04.02.2019
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EVA 20 Degree 3D CAD Drawing DWG 292KB 05.07.2009
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All Electrovoice EASE ZIP 598.1MB 03.24.2021
EV EVA V2.0 - EASE Focus Enabled ZIP 91.56MB 11.25.2020
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EVA-2082S/920 Engineering Data Sheet EN 963KB 03.21.2012
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EVADA v2.4 - Runs only on Windows with Excel (32-bit) 3.84MB 09.16.2011
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LAPS 2.2A - Runs only on Windows with Excel (32-bit) 5.21MB 11.03.2015
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EV-I Access Card User Instructions EN 439KB 03.22.2012
EVA Series User Manual EN 5.29MB 06.16.2011
EVA-AM Installation Instructions EN 316KB 03.22.2012

EVA2082 1220Gr

EVA2082 1220

EVA2082 1220an

EVA2082 1220Gr S

EVA2082 1220Gran-trans

EVA2082 1220GrPLan

EVA2082 1220GrPLECan

EVA2082 920WhGran

Name Language Size Date
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB 11.30.2016
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB 11.26.2014
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