Wired Music & Performance Microphones


Cobalt series vocal microphone

Dynamic tight cardioid instrument microphone

Dynamic supercardioid instrument microphone

Condenser cardioid instrument microphone

Dynamic supercardioid bass drum microphone

Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone

Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone with on/off switch

Dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone

Dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone

Dynamic kick drum & instrument microphone

Dynamic tom, snare & instrument microphone

Condenser overhead & instrument microphone

Premium dynamic vocal microphone

PL series live performance vocal microphone

Broadcast announcer's microphone with Variable‑D

Broadcast announcer's microphone with Variable‑D

Broadcast announcer's microphone with neodymium capsule and Variable‑D

Variable‑D dynamic vocal & instrument microphone

Condenser cardioid vocal microphone

Condenser supercardioid vocal microphone

Horn & instrument microphone


Name Size Date
Electro-Voice RE420 & RE520 Road Test 164KB 11.19.2019
Name Language Size Date
ND Series Microphones Brochure EN 10.21MB 07.07.2020
ProSound Loudspeakers and Electronics Catalog EN 15.43MB 04.02.2019
Microphone Catalog 2020 EN 10.97MB 07.03.2020
Microphone Catalog 2020 EMEA EN 10.67MB 07.03.2020
Retail catalog EMEA EN 59.07MB 11.10.2020
Retail catalog EMEA DE 29.85MB 11.10.2020
Name Size Date
Broadcast Mics, Studio Mics, EC Declaration of Conformity 462KB 10.30.2020
Cobalt Series, EC Declaration of Conformity 40KB 11.13.2019
Environmental Compliance Document 148KB 10.03.2017
Pl37, EC Declaration of Conformity 577KB 12.18.2019
RE Series Music Performance Wired Mics EC Declaration of Conformity 523KB 03.29.2019
RE320 EC Declaration of Conformity 571KB 12.18.2019
Name Language Size Date
Co9R Engineering Data Sheet EN 333KB 09.19.2005
Cobalt Co9 Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.62MB 02.17.2012
ND44 Engineering Data Sheet EN 738KB 03.17.2016
ND46 Engineering Data Sheet EN 525KB 03.17.2016
ND66 Engineering Data Sheet EN 806KB 03.28.2016
ND68 Engineering Data Sheet EN 574KB 03.17.2016
ND76 Engineering Data Sheet EN 490KB 03.17.2016
ND76S Engineering Data Sheet EN 439KB 03.17.2016
ND86 Engineering Data Sheet EN 526KB 03.17.2016
ND96 Engineering Data Sheet EN 552KB 03.17.2016
PL33 Engineering Data Sheet EN 480KB 10.13.2008
PL35 Engineering Data Sheet EN 494KB 10.13.2008
PL37 Engineering Data Sheet EN 413KB 10.13.2008
PL80A Data Sheet EN 459KB 04.01.2015
PL80c Engineering Data Sheet EN 436KB 10.13.2008
RE20 Engineering Data Sheet EN 311KB 03.21.2012
RE27N/D Engineering Data Sheet EN 81KB 03.21.2012
RE320 Engineering Data Sheet EN 548KB 08.07.2012
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet EN 2.43MB 06.19.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet EN 2.62MB 06.19.2018
RE920Tx Engineering Data Sheet EN 315KB 11.13.2015
Co9 Technik Datenblatt DE 826KB 11.30.2009
ND76-RC3 Engineering Data Sheet DE 3.75MB 04.20.2020
ND86-RC3 Engineering Data Sheet DE 4.47MB 04.20.2020
ND96-RC3 Engineering Data Sheet DE 5.35MB 04.20.2020
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet DE 1.86MB 12.17.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet DE 2MB 12.17.2018
Co9 Hoja de Datos de Ingeniería ES 820KB 11.30.2009
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet ES 1.91MB 12.17.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet ES 2.01MB 12.17.2018
Co9 Fiche Technique FR 821KB 11.30.2009
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet FR 1.86MB 12.17.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet FR 2.07MB 12.17.2018
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet JA 1.88MB 01.14.2019
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet JA 2.05MB 01.14.2019
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet KO 1.95MB 12.17.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet KO 2.12MB 12.17.2018
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet TH 1.9MB 12.17.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet TH 2.06MB 12.17.2018
RE420 Engineering Data Sheet ZH 1.89MB 12.17.2018
RE520 Engineering Data Sheet ZH 2.05MB 12.17.2018
Name Language Size Date
RE420 AND RE520 Flyer EN 621KB 01.08.2019
RE320 flyer español ES 634KB 09.27.2012
Name Language Size Date
PL20 & RE20 Service Data EN 270KB 09.19.2005
RE20 Service Data EN 579KB 05.03.2012
Name Size Date
Warped Tour 2009 042 735KB 11.02.2015
Skerik 20 4.84MB 11.02.2015
Avishai Cohen 04 3.64MB 11.02.2015
IMG 0718 179KB 11.02.2015
MG 5164 WARPED 3.1MB 11.02.2015
MG 4543 WARPED 1.07MB 11.02.2015
MG 5256 WARPED 3.37MB 11.02.2015
MG 5387 WARPED 4.34MB 11.02.2015
MG 5541 WARPED 3.62MB 11.02.2015
MG 8942 WARPED 1.86MB 11.02.2015
MG 9226 WARPED 2.03MB 11.02.2015
Electro-Voice ND66 Guitar 5.22MB 11.16.2016
ev 90years ndseries singer jan17 4c fullrights Original 27451 5.39MB 02.14.2017
ev ndseries band feb16 4c fullrights Original 26671 15.39MB 11.30.2016
ev ndseries band jan17 4c fullrights Original 27444 9.31MB 02.14.2017
ev ndseries musician nov15 4c fullrights Original 27432 11.54MB 02.14.2017
ev ndseries singer feb16 4c fullrights Original 26665 8.52MB 11.30.2016
ev ndseries singer jan17 4c fullrights Original 27457 4.77MB 02.14.2017
ND44 App-02 Original 25736 37.25MB 07.01.2016
ND44 mounted on snare 1.44MB 08.08.2016
ND44 mounted on tom 1.37MB 08.08.2016
ND46 App-02 Original 25737 22.93MB 07.01.2016
ND46 on floor tom-stand mounted 1.52MB 08.08.2016
ND46 on guitar amp 2.22MB 08.08.2016
ND66 Alt Application 3 1.49MB 12.18.2015
ND66 Alt Application 4 1.48MB 12.18.2015
ND66 Alt Application 5 1.44MB 12.18.2015
ND66 App-02 Original 25739 25.38MB 07.01.2016
ND66 on Hat Alt 1.68MB 08.08.2016
ND68 App-01 Original 25741 10.29MB 07.01.2016
ND68 Application 1 1.2MB 12.18.2015
ND68 Application 2 1.46MB 08.11.2016
ND76 Singer 2.14MB 11.16.2016
ND86 App-01 Original 25742 19.57MB 07.01.2016

EV RE ND Microphones RE420Wired fr FINAL-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE520Wired fr Final-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE420-Wired cv1-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE520-Wired cv1-2400px


EV RE20 Black Front

ND44 01

ND46 01

ND66 01

ND68 01

ND76 01

ND76S 01

ND86 01

ND96 01




PL80a fr-trans

PL80C fr-trans

RE20 Classic Front



RE920TX jpg-trans

EV RE ND Microphones RE420 Badge-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE420 Flat-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE420 HighPass-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE520 Badge-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE520 Flat-2400px

EV RE ND Microphones RE520 HighPass1-2400px

EV RE20 Black 309A NoCable

EV RE20 Black 309A wCable

RE20 Classic 309A NoCable

RE20 Classic 309A wCable

RE420 FullRes Trim

RE520 FullRes Trim

Name Language Size Date
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB 11.26.2014
Warranty conditions for Electro-Voice products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa EN 496KB 09.29.2020
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB 11.30.2016
Warranty conditions for Electro-Voice products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa DE 492KB 06.19.2019
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Basic Audio Terminology EN 2.74MB 12.13.2012
Audio 101 - Loudspeaker Basics EN 3.02MB 12.13.2012
Audio 101 - Microphone Basics EN 4.25MB 12.13.2012
Microphone Facts- Axial Response EN 1.36MB 05.03.2012
Microphone Facts- The New Model 666R Joins the 666 Family EN 1.38MB 05.03.2012
PA Bible 03: Microphone Types EN 462KB 12.26.2007
PA Bible 08: Microphone Techniques EN 604KB 12.26.2007
PA Bible 15: Barrier Miking EN 254KB 12.26.2007
PA Bible 19: Condenser Microphones EN 509KB 12.26.2007
The EV PA Bible EN 1.14MB 12.26.2007
The PA Bible Chapter Zero EN 1.14MB 06.11.2018
Variable-D & Beyond - Classic EV Microphone Design & Evolution EN 206KB 12.16.2011
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