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Contractor precision series amplifiers

Contractor Precision Series amplifiers combine top-quality performance and reliability with innovative designs perfectly tailored to the needs of professional sound installation. Available in 2RU configurations of up to eight channels, CPS amps are compact and efficient to operate, with every detail thought through from the contractor's point of view. For fast installation and setup, each model features Phoenix-type input and output connectors, programmable power-on delay, remote power-on/off, rear-mounted attenuators and switchable high-pass filters.

For worry-free dependability, there's full protection against hazards, such as excessive heat, overloads, shorts, HF, DC, back EMF and inrush current. And for the ultimate in system control and supervision, the optional RCM-810 module enables the inclusion of CPS amps in IRIS-Net networks of up to 250 devices. Offering exceptional ease, flexibility and audio performance, CPS series is the ideal installation solution for cinema, club sound, commercial sound/life safety, and performance and sports venues.


CPS 2.12 MK II
Contractor precision series class‑h power amplifier

Contractor precision series class‑ab power amplifier

Contractor precision series class‑ab power amplifier

Contractor precision series class‑h power amplifier

CPS 4.10
1000 w/ch 4‑ch amplifier

CPS 4.5
500 w/ch 4‑ch amplifier

CPS 8.5
500 w/ch 8‑ch amplifier

Iris‑net remote control module for cps series amplifiers


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RCM810 front-trans

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