PREVIEW Loudspeaker Software

Quick, precise coverage prediction for EV loudspeakers

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  • Easy, exact sound system setup with visualizations of coverage, SPL and frequency response
  • Full-color 3D interface with user-friendly, flexible tools and streamlined workflow
  • Venue geometry import and construction wizards
  • Precise mechanical load calculations
  • Array aiming and auto-splay optimizer
  • Spectrogram shows how levels at each frequency change with distance
  • Virtual microphones predict the frequency response anywhere in the venue
  • Report generation with detailed acoustical and mechanical information

PREVIEW Loudspeaker Software is a tool to help you select and set up Electro-Voice loudspeakers for the best coverage in any venue. The full-color 3D interface helps specifiers, designers and audio engineers to quickly find the optimum loudspeaker, amplifier drive and delay requirements, and other factors that will ensure that both line-array and point-source loudspeakers deliver the best possible performance in every deployment. For line-array designs, PREVIEW will only allow mechanically valid combinations of cabinets and rigging hardware, depending on the selected safety factor.

What's New in PREVIEW 3.0

• New Point-Source Grouping Function for creating and manipulating clusters
• More intuitive Subwoofer Array interface
• All-new calculation engine consumes fewer computer resources and delivers faster results
• Bug fixes and usability improvements in response to user feedback

PREVIEW 3.0 supports these Electro-Voice Loudspeaker Series:


System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 8*1
(Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate Editions)
macOS Catalina (10.15.x)
macOS Big Sur (11.x.x)
macOS Monterey (12.x.x)
CPUMinimum: 4 cores; Recommended: i7 8 cores
Apple M1 CPUs are supported via Rosetta 2
Memory8 GB RAM required; 32 GB RAM recommended
PrerequisitesFor Windows Installations: .NET Framework and Visual C++ redistributable are installation prerequisites
For Mac OS Installations: .NET Framework (Mono Distribution) is a prerequisite. The component automatically references its own custom distribution without conflicting with existing installations.
HDDWe recommend a solid state hard drive (SSD) for the best I/O performance.
PREVIEW and the operating system should both be installed on the SSD.


Where to Buy

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Electro-Voice together with our certified partners, are ready to help support you through planning, purchase, and setup. Services available through our network of highly-qualified associates and partners may include:

  1. System Design
  2. Installation
  3. Programming & Commissioning
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