Tour X portable passive loudspeakers

  • Distinctive “backbone“ grille design for superior strength
  • 1.25“ DH3 and 2“ ND2 compression drivers
  • SMX and EVS woofers
  • Rotatable horns
  • Ultra-sonically welded ergonomic handles
  • Floor monitors incorporate the patent pending Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) split baffle design
  • Up to 36 dB per octave slope crossovers
  • Integrated eyebolt suspension points
  • No crossover required for single woofer top & sub systems

Tour X brings the engineering excellence and aesthetic design of EV's world-class tour systems to an innovative and exciting series of portable loudspeakers. Combining bold design and breakthrough performance, the Tour X series is optimized for applications such as club sound, pro music, and concert sound. The line's full-range loudspeakers and monitors utilize either 1.25-inch DH3/2010A or 2-inch ND2 compression drivers, protected by an advanced fourth-order crossover. Rotatable horns provide coverage-pattern flexibility while 12-inch or 15-inch SMX woofers deliver high power handling with high sensitivity. Tour X 18-inch subwoofers, meanwhile, use high-excursion EVS-18S LF transducers to ensure plenty of impact with ultra-low distortion. For tour-class performance in a portable package that's surprisingly affordable, look no further than Tour X.


12" passive loudspeaker

12" passive floor monitor

15" passive loudspeaker

15" passive floor monitor

18" passive subwoofer

Dual 15" 2‑way passive full‑range loudspeaker

Dual 18" passive subwoofer


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