EVOLVE-TM-B Truss Mount Bracket

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  • Innovative mount system for quick, simple, and
  • reliable installations of EVOLVE column speakers.
  • Sturdy truss mount bracket works with M10 threaded studs found on common truss clamps.
  • Subwoofer and column adapters with NL4connections.
  • Compatible with EVOLVE 30M , EVOLVE 50 and EVOLVE 50M column speakers, available in black.
  • Suggested to use correctly rated speaker cable for installation: wire gauges 1.5 mm2 - 2.5 mm2 (AWG16-AWG14).
  • For use with truss clamps rated for WLL= 20 kg (44 lb) SF = 5:1.

The EVOLVE-TM-B is used to suspend EVOLVE 30M , EVOLVE 50 and EVOLVE 50M column speakers remotely from the subwoofer and without the distance pole.

Electro-Voice strongly recommends that loudspeakers be suspended taking into account all current national, federal, state and local laws and regulations. Suspending any object is potentially dangerous. Only individuals who have thorough knowledge of the techniques and regulations of suspending objects overhead should attempt to suspend loudspeakers. The truss mount kit is available only in black. It allows the EVOLVE column to be temporarily clamped to trusses and is available with NL4 adapters.

The Electro-Voice EVOLVE-TM-B provides users the flexibility to mount the EVOLVE column speaker remotely from the subwoofer and without the distance pole. This provides a safe method for mounting the column speakers higher than the distance pole allows and remote locating the subwoofer for aesthetic or acoustic purposes.

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