RE3 handheld sets

Handheld sets

  • Pre-packaged handheld transmitter sets with the latest EV microphone heads, complimented with an extensive range of accessories for every application
  • Designed to deliver superior audio performance with best-in-class wireless flexibility and ease of use
  • Available in five microphone head configurations
  • Available in a total of five region-specific frequency bands

RE3 receivers and transmitters are available in five pre-packaged handheld transmitter sets, configured to cover a wide range of performance and presentation applications. Sets contain one 1/2-rack-space diversity receiver with antennas, a universal power supply, a rack mount kit, a handheld transmitter, batteries, and a tread-on microphone head.

RE3 handheld sets are available in a total of five bandwidths for international coverage, strategically selected to minimize the complexities of today’s challenging RF environments. Three of those bandwidths are available globally, which include two 36 MHz-wide bands in the low and high 500 MHz spectrum, as well as one strategically chosen to operate within the 600 MHz duplex gap of 653 – 663 MHz, which the US FCC has dedicated for wireless microphone use. A fourth band of 823 – 865 MHz is for use only in select European countries, and a fifth band of 803 – 806 MHz for exclusive use in Thailand.



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