Sx portable passive loudspeakers

  • Lightweight durable composite enclosures
  • Sonically superior bi-amplified integrated amplifiers
  • Mic and line inputs
  • 1.75“ DH3 compression drivers
  • DL woofers
  • Numerous accessories for mounting and suspending
  • Available covers

The SX series includes some of the most popular loudspeaker designs in history. SX loudspeakers offer the tour-proven performance and reliability for which EV is known. A versatile range of speaker configurations and lightweight enclosures covers applications in commercial sound , pro music, club sound, and performance and sports venues. In live performance, the SX line can handle tasks such as front-of-house, side fills, delay lines, or stage monitors. For installed sound, easy mounting and multiple weather-ready versions provide flexible system configuration for both indoor and outdoor venues. With high power-handling, great coverage, and smooth, consistent frequency response, cost-effective SX loudspeakers are the hard-working, easy-setup solution to your installation and portable system needs.


Weather‑resistant 12" 2‑way passive full‑range loudspeaker

Weather‑resistant 12" 2‑way passive full‑range loudspeaker

12" passive loudspeaker

12" passive loudspeaker

12" passive subwoofer

High output 2‑way loudspeaker


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Portable speakers catalog 2021 NA EN 6.45MB Feb 20, 2021
Name Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document 148KB Oct 3, 2017
Pi Declaration of Compliance For Sx600 97KB Dec 18, 2019
SX600-SERIES EN54-24 Declaration of Conformity 307KB Dec 18, 2019
Sx600PI/Sx600PIX Declaration of Conformity 489KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx5-60Piw, Sx300Piw, Xlci127Dvx, Evid 6.2T, Evf-1122Spiw, Iec 60529 Dust & Water Intrusion Certificate No. 40471-2-4 Certificate 39KB Dec 18, 2019
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Sb122 Engineering Data Sheet EN 229KB Apr 9, 2020
SB122 PI Engineering Data Sheet EN 524KB Apr 9, 2020
Sx100+ Engineering Data Sheet EN 130KB Mar 21, 2012
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Sx600 Engineering Data Sheet EN 610KB Dec 26, 2018
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System 2000 Accessories EN 194KB Mar 22, 2012
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Sx600 AcoustaQwik ZIP 36KB Dec 26, 2007
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Estadio German Becker 18 2.74MB Nov 2, 2015
IMG 0764 162KB Nov 2, 2015
Estadio German Becker 07 2.68MB Nov 2, 2015
IMG 0750 209KB Nov 2, 2015
IMG 0786 159KB Nov 2, 2015

SB122 7oc

Sx100 Sx300-trans

Sx300 mntr-trans



Sx600 7oc-trans

SB122 5oc

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