RE3-ACC-RMK2 Rack mount kit for two re3 receivers by Electro-Voice


Rack mount kit for two re3 receivers

  • Equips two RE3 receivers for rack mounting
  • Provides front mounting of antennas or cables
  • Coupling plates firmly secure receivers together
  • Two high-quality RG-58 50 Ω front-mount cables
  • Includes rack ears, coupling plates, cables, mounting screws, and hole plugs

The RMK2 kit contains all necessary items to couple and mount two RE3-RX receivers into a 19” rack. The bridging plates firmly couple two receivers together ensuring the receivers are held securely in a rack. The rack ears easily mount to the receiver’s threaded mounting holes using the provided screws. The threaded front flange mount ends of the antenna cables mount into the rack ears and securely mount either the stock receiver ½ wave antennas, or coax extension cables for remote antenna applications.


Coax type RG-58
Coax impedance 50 Ω
Color Black
Net weight 8.3 oz. (235 g)
Shipping weight 10.6 oz. (300 g)



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