8" en54 ceiling speaker system

  • High output true compression driver for wide
  • dispersion and superior coverage control out to 20 kHz
  • Long throw 8-inch (200 mm) woofer housed in a large vented 14 gauge steel enclosure for extended LF performance down to 40 Hz
  • 100 watt power handling provides for 95 dB maximum SPL
  • Front baffle transformer tap adjustment switch
  • EN 54-24

The EVID PC8.2E speaker system from Electro-Voice is a complete high performance two-way ceiling speaker package. The EVID PC8.2E is ideal for background and foreground music, voice evacuation, paging, and sound reinforcement applications. All EVID Premium Ceiling Speaker models provide a unique combination of high acoustic output, superb coverage control, high power handling and wide dispersion, to cover virtually any size listening area. The EVID PC8.2E comes completely assembled with an integrated bezel assembly, grille, rear enclosure, 8-inch (200 mm) coaxial two-way speaker and internal high power line-matching transformer. The speaker features a waveguide coupled true compression HF driver and a long excursion 8-inch (200 mm) woofer. The EVID PC8.2E utilizes a transformer that offers a selection of 7.5 W (70-V only), 15, 30 or 60 watts delivered to the speaker system using either 70-V or 100-V lines, or 8 ohm bypass. Selection is via a convenient switch on the front baffle. The perforated grille is fully zinc plated and finished in semi-gloss white powder-coated enamel. The baffle and bezel are constructed from fire rated ABS. The rear enclosure is constructed from zinc-plated, heavy gauge steel. The rear enclosure, with fiberglass damping material, provides an optimum internal volume for extended low-frequency performance. A rear cover, with provisions for a junction box fitting, provides access to a 4-pin terminal block that allows direct connection to the speaker with up to 2.5 mm (12 AWG) wire and provides pass through to additional speakers. The rear input cover for EN54 is used to create a seal to protect the ceiling speaker from moisture and foreign particles, if properly installed. The weatherized terminal cover must be used in all EN54 installations. Two adjustable metal tile bridges and metal “C” ring are included for safe suspension of the EVID PC8.2E ceiling systems in a drop ceiling that uses mineral wool, or other fiber based ceiling tiles. The wide range of EVID ceiling speakers has been designed to work together as a complete system in a variety of different ceiling constructions.


HF Transducer 35 mm Compression Driver
Frequency Range (-10 dB)¹ 40 Hz – 20 kHz
LF Transducer 200 mm (8 in)

Grille Color matched steel grille with fabric
Shipping Weight:(pair) 20.91 kg (46.1 lb)
Support Hardware C Ring, Tile Bridge, Weatherized Terminal Cover
Approvals UL1480, 2043; CE,EN54-24:2008
Sensitivity per EN54-24 standard (SPL 1 W / 4 m) 74.5 dB
Nominal Coverage (Conical) 120°
Power Handling (Direct Coupled) 200 W Program, 100 W Pink Noise as per EN54-24 standard
Max Calculated SPL per EN54-24 standard 60 watt Transformer coupled @ 4 meters: 92 dB 100 watt Direct coupled @ 4 meters: 95 dB
Impedance Direct Coupled: 8 Ohms 70V Transformer Coupled: 60 watt/83Ω, 30 watt/167Ω, 15 watt/ 333Ω, 7.5 watt/667Ω 100v Transformer Coupled: 60watt/167Ω, 30 watt/333Ω, 15 watt/667Ω
Transformer Taps 70V: 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 8 ohm 100V: 60W, 30W, 15W, 8 ohm
Connectors Removable locking 4-pin (Phoenix) 2.5 mm (12 AWG) max wire size
Enclosure ABS Plastic (UL94V-O) Baffle, steel back can
Color White
Dimensions (H x Dia) 354 mm x 327 mm (13.94 in x 12.87 in)
Cutout Size 294.3 mm (11.59 in)
Net Weight 8.19 kg (18.05 lb)


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ModelLC20-PC60G6-8 GR Isometric

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