ZLX portable loudspeakers

The best-selling portable pa speakers in the world

  • ZLX-12BT (12-inch 2-way) and ZLX-15BT (15-inch 2-way) combine the superior components, coverage and clarity of the standard ZLX models with the latest Bluetooth technology to deliver the lowest-noise, highest-fidelity streaming experience in their class: wireless convenience with Electro-Voice sound quality. Already own a standard non-BT ZLX model? Connect it to a BT model via XLR cable for wireless stereo Bluetooth streaming with less loss in fidelity than when streaming to two boxes.

    High-efficiency 1000 W Class-D power amplifiers delivering up to 127 dB peak SPL utilizing transducers designed and engineered by EV. Clean sound, all the way up to maximum output.

    The original, often-imitated onboard DSP with LCD. Optimize ZLX to suit your style and space. QuickSmart DSP processing: Easy application/location setup via four presets, sub/top system-match, two-band EQ, five user-programmable presets, visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters, and master volume control to optimize gain structure.

    Lightweight, super-durable composite construction with three-handle design for effortless pole mounting and portability. With its stunning – and again, often imitated – enclosure design, ZLX looks as good as it sounds.

    EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading. This patented design truly sets EV apart from the competition in portable two-way speaker design, allowing a more compact footprint while enabling superior driver time alignment driver time alignment for enhanced sonic impact and intelligibility

Available in 12” and 15” powered and passive versions, ZLX makes it easier than ever to own and experience premium professional audio. Its combination of streamlined industrial design, compact size, user-friendly operation and portability, and plentiful power have made it a great value choice for monitors and mains in DJ/musician applications such as practice spaces and small clubs, and perfect for basic installations and portable multi-purpose sound.

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Why Choose ZLX?

The worldwide #1 best-selling portable PA speaker – ZLX’s unparalleled combination of performance, features and user-friendly operation have made it the proven global go-to for affordable professional sound quality – excellent all-around value from a real pro audio brand.

Often imitated, never equaled – Since launching, ZLX’s compact, ergonomic and lightweight three-handle enclosure design has been imitated by many of our competitors, but guess what? What’s inside the box makes a big difference too, and ZLX wins when it comes to sound quality -- read the customer reviews!

The game-changing feature set that put ZLX on the map – Best-in-class across every detail, with high-quality EV-engineered components, QuickSmart DSP with single-knob controller, EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design, three-handle enclosure design, and more. ZLX: manufactured in our own facility to the highest quality standards to deliver pro features in a portable package.

Over 90 years of know-how in every box – With such an extensive track record of proven audio innovation, it’s safe to say that Electro-Voice has a deep understanding of what goes into making good sound. Where our competitors often rely on off-the-shelf components from third-party manufacturers, EV stands apart as one of the few pro audio brands to design and engineer its drivers and woofers in-house from the ground up. Our transducers are legendary for their sound quality and reliability, but it doesn’t stop there. From our invention of the humbucking coil back in 1934 to our latest patents, EV continues to push the parameters of what is possible in sound reinforcement, utilizing the industry’s most sophisticated design software, most extreme measurement processes and most grueling physical tolerance tests to take the performance of our products to the next level. ZLX encapsulates EV’s heritage of engineering excellence, making those decades of audio know-how more accessible than ever before.

Energy-efficient engineering with no compromises in performance – EV is renowned for the quality of engineering that we put into everything we make, at every price point, for every application. ZLX represents that commitment. Our products are designed and tested above and beyond industry norms to achieve the highest levels of performance with the latest transducer and amplifier technology. We stand behind the specs we publish with our products.

The “Big Wattage” numbers that most manufacturers publish to sell their speakers have little to do with what actually matters: acoustic output.

Many customers perceive high wattage ratings as a key selling point. However, EV’s goal with powered speakers – in which the internal components are designed to work together optimally to achieve the desired level of performance in a given format/class at a given price point -- is achieving sustained maximum SPL with minimal distortion: superior all-around acoustic performance at the system’s highest output capacity. The quality of our engineering means we can reach the same high SPLs with full bandwidth sound quality while using less wattage – we continuously strive to evolve energy-efficient speaker design. Many loudspeaker manufacturers boast of super-high wattage numbers, but their products simply don't sound good when pushed to their upper limits of their stated output capacity, with distortion being the main issue. ZLX will sound powerful, crisp, and clean – even at its highest volume.


12" powered loudspeaker with bluetooth audio*

15" powered loudspeaker with bluetooth audio*

12" passive loudspeaker

15" passive loudspeaker


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ZLX产品宣传册 ZH 1.25MB Apr 11, 2013
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Environmental Compliance Document 148KB Oct 3, 2017
ZLX Declaration of Conformity 614KB Dec 1, 2020
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ZLX-15BT Datenblatt DE 1.26MB Jun 4, 2018
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ZLX-15BT Hoja de Datos de Ingeniería ES 1.26MB Jun 4, 2018
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ZLX-15BT Engineering Data Sheet KO 1.38MB Jun 4, 2018
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ZLX-15BT 数据表 ZH 1.35MB Jun 4, 2018
Name Language Size Date
ZLX Flyer Español ES 222KB May 6, 2013
Name Language Size Date
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IMG 0801 6.59MB Dec 13, 2012
Rocker Carry 836KB Mar 29, 2013
Rocker Unload 946KB Mar 29, 2013
ZLX App 10 2.46MB Nov 16, 2016


ZLX-12 Front

ZLX-12BT Hero Right

ZLX-15 Front

ZLX-15BT Hero Left





ZLX Powered 1800 300dpi

ZLX-12 Back

ZLX-12 Handle

ZLX-12 Monitor

ZLX-12BT BackPanel

ZLX-12BT Hero Front

ZLX-12BT Hero Monitor

ZLX-15 Back

ZLX-15 Handle

ZLX-15 Monitor

ZLX-15BT BackPanel

ZLX-15BT Hero Monitor

ZLX-BT 12-15 Comparison

ZLX-BT Upright Monitor

Name Language Size Date
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