High-output subwoofer

  • High-output, high-impact dual 18 inch flying subwoofer system
  • Compact cabinets with low-profile footprint, making them also suitable for under-stage applications
  • Super-high-output DVF4180 woofers for low distortion at extremely high output
  • 102 dB sensitivity (1 W, 1 m half space); 138/144 dB maximum SPL (continuous/peak)
  • Available in indoor and fully weatherized fiberglass versions, in black or white

The X-Line Advance X12i-128 subwoofer produces the greatest low-frequency impact and performance EV has ever developed. It is truly a state-of-the-art compact cabinet that delivers more LF output in a smaller footprint than other subwoofers available today.

In addition to its extremely high output capability, the X12i-128 is designed to acoustically match seamlessly with any X-Line Advance top cabinet as a ground stack subwoofer or as a flown subwoofer. Electro-Voice PREVIEW Loudspeaker Software quickly and accurately calculates array configuration data and coverage predictions. The software also provides information for the creation of steered/shaped subwoofer arrays. Optimized cardioid settings that can supply up to 30 dB of rejection are an option for maximum versatility in a variety of applications. The X12i-128 is a premium solution for fixed install applications. The enclosure is constructed of weatherresistant birch plywood. The indoor install models have interlocking feet for ground stack applications and are finished with a polyurea coating for enhanced durability. In addition to the indoor install models, the IP55 rated fiberglass models are fully weatherized for use in direct exposure outdoor environments. All models utilize stainless steel grilles and hardware for maximum corrosion resistance. The enclosures, available in both RAL9005 black and RAL9003 white, have four M10 hard points on each side of the enclosure for mounting to structural framing. There are four additional M10 hard points on the top of the enclosure for suspending a single subwoofer. The input panel provides dual high-current Phoenix style terminal blocks for ease of connectivity. The input panel is fully weatherized, with multiple gland nut sizes to accommodate a range of cable sizes. The X12i-128 offers superior configuration flexibility for easier system design and setup, making it the standout subwoofer choice for any larger-format installed audio application.


Name Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document 148KB Oct 3, 2017
Name Size Date
X-Line Advance Install CAD Files ZIP 10.53MB Mar 23, 2020
Name Size Date
All Electrovoice EASE ZIP 598.1MB Mar 24, 2021
X12-128 v2.2 GLL - Ease Focus enabled ZIP 9.34MB Jul 2, 2020
Name Language Size Date
X12i-128 Engineering Data Sheet EN 3MB Feb 7, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet DE 3MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet ES 3MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet FR 3MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet IT 3MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet JA 3.07MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet KO 3.12MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet PT 3MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet RU 3.01MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet TR 3MB Jul 27, 2020
X12i Engineering Data Sheet ZH 3.1MB Jul 27, 2020
Name Language Size Date
System solutions Large house of worship EN 1.06MB Feb 25, 2020
System solutions Outdoor amphitheater EN 1.17MB Feb 25, 2020
Name Language Size Date
X-LINE ADVANCE INSTALL System Rigging manual EN 17.75MB Aug 12, 2020
X-LINE ADVANCE INSTALL User Manual EN 31.47MB Feb 10, 2020
Name Size Date
EV SpeakerDB v1.1+ IRIS ZIP 28.48MB Feb 10, 2020
Name Size Date
Electro-Voice_PREVIEW_Early_Adopter_Windows_Beta_v1.4.1_Setup.exe 113.86MB Jul 29, 2020
Electrovoice-PREVIEW_Early_Adopter_MacOS_Beta_ v1.4.1.pkg 249.57MB Jul 29, 2020

EV-XLAi-X12i-Outdoor-Hero-Black Original 39272

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EV-XLAi-X12i-Indoor-Hero-Black-No-Grill Original 39268

EV-XLAi-X12i-Indoor-Hero-White Original 39271

EV-XLAi-X12i-Indoor-Hero-White-No-Grill Original 39270

EV-XLAi-X12i-Outdoor-Hero-White Original 39274

EV-XLAi-X12i-Outdoor-Hero-White-No-Grill Original 39273

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