Zx / ZxA portable loudspeakers

Designed for top-notch quality with amazing versatility, the ZX/ZXA series sets a new standard of performance and practicality in sound reinforcement loudspeakers. Featuring high-end components and lightweight molded enclosures, the ZX/ZXA line is at home in any installed or portable application, from commercial sound to clubs, HoW, stages, arenas, and stadiums. Newly-designed high power woofers and drivers ensure full-range sound with awesome richness and clarity. Sleek contemporary styling fits in anywhere. Light weight makes transport easy while enabling a multitude of flying and mounting options that are each supported by innovative mechanical solutions. Whether for portable use or permanent installation, the ZX/ZXA series represents the next level in advanced loudspeaker technology.


8" 2‑way passive full‑range composite loudspeaker

8" 2‑way passive full‑range indoor/outdoor loudspeaker

12" passive loudspeaker

15" passive loudspeaker

15" passive loudspeaker available in PI weatherized

8" 2‑way powered full‑range loudspeaker

15" powered loudspeaker

12” passive subwoofer

12" powered subwoofer

12" passive subwoofer


Name Language Size Date
ProSound Loudspeakers and Electronics Catalog EN 15.43MB Apr 2, 2019
Portable speakers catalog 2021 NA EN 6.45MB Feb 20, 2021
ZXA1-Sub Overview EN 945KB May 7, 2012
ZXA1 & ZXA1-Sub Folleto ES 418KB Sep 27, 2012
Name Size Date
Environmental Compliance Document 148KB Oct 3, 2017
Etl, Zxa1-Sub, Authorization To Mark (Atm), Report No. 131217024Szn-001 Certificate 816KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx1 Loudspeaker Family, EC Declaration of Conformity 612KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx1 Series, Ec Certificate of Conformity, En54-24, Cert No. 1438/Cpd/0323 494KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx1, EC Declaration of Conformity 3.55MB Nov 13, 2019
Zx1I, 2-Way Loudspeaker Family, With Transformer, EC Declaration of Conformity 580KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx3, EC Declaration of Conformity 452KB Nov 13, 2019
Zx3, Kz, EC Declaration of Conformity 615KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx4, Zx5 Series, EC Declaration of Conformity 569KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx5-60Piw, Sx300Piw, Xlci127Dvx, Evid 6.2T, Evf-1122Spiw, Iec 60529 Dust & Water Intrusion Certificate No. 40471-2-4 Certificate 39KB Dec 18, 2019
Zx5, Zx4, EC Declaration of Conformity 47KB Dec 18, 2019
ZXA1_D8A_NRTL_U8V-09-03-10591-050 UL Certificate of Compliance 640KB Dec 18, 2019
Zxa1-Sub Series, EC Declaration of Conformity 504KB Dec 19, 2020
Zxa1-Sub, Emc, Neutron Engineering, Certificate of Compliance, Verification 866KB Dec 18, 2019
Zxa1, EC Declaration of Conformity 918KB Dec 18, 2019
Zxa5 Active Loudspeaker, EC Declaration of Conformity 27KB Nov 13, 2019
Name Size Date
Zx1i 2D CAD Drawing DWG 288KB Sep 11, 2009
ZX3 2D CAD Drawing DWG 835KB Sep 11, 2009
ZX5-PI 2D CAD Drawing DWG 1.17MB Sep 11, 2009
Name Size Date
All Electrovoice EASE ZIP 598.1MB Mar 24, 2021
Zx Series EASE Data ZIP 753KB Jun 13, 2018
Zx4 EASE Data ZIP 103KB Jun 15, 2012
Name Language Size Date
Sb122 Engineering Data Sheet EN 229KB Apr 9, 2020
ZX1-100 Engineering Data Sheet EN 169KB Mar 21, 2012
ZX1-90 Engineering Data Sheet EN 190KB Mar 21, 2012
ZX1-Sub Engineering Data Sheet EN 240KB Dec 31, 2012
ZX1i-100 Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.84MB Dec 26, 2018
ZX1i-90 Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.52MB Dec 26, 2018
ZX3-60 Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.26MB Mar 21, 2012
ZX3-60PI Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.21MB Mar 21, 2012
ZX3-90 Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.28MB Mar 21, 2012
ZX3-90PI Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.22MB Mar 21, 2012
ZX4 Engineering Data Sheet EN 391KB Mar 21, 2012
ZX5-60 Engineering Data Sheet EN 695KB Mar 21, 2012
ZX5-60PI Engineering Data Sheet EN 702KB Mar 21, 2012
ZX5-90 Engineering Data Sheet EN 703KB Mar 21, 2012
ZX5-90PI Engineering Data Sheet EN 710KB Mar 21, 2012
ZxA1-90 Engineering Data Sheet EN 410KB Mar 21, 2012
ZXA1-Sub Engineering Data Sheet EN 288KB Jan 11, 2012
ZXA5-60 Engineering Data Sheet EN 822KB Mar 21, 2012
ZXA5-90 Engineering Data Sheet EN 774KB Mar 21, 2012
Name Language Size Date
ZX1-Sub Flyer Español ES 135KB Nov 28, 2012
Name Language Size Date
AB-ZE Array Bracket User Instructions EN 651KB Mar 22, 2012
CB5 Installation Instructions EN 157KB Mar 22, 2012
HA-3 Installation Instructions EN 206KB Mar 22, 2012
HA-5 Installation Instructions EN 315KB Mar 22, 2012
MB3 Installation Instructions EN 510KB Mar 22, 2012
MB5 Installation Instructions EN 264KB Mar 22, 2012
RK-Z Installation Instructions EN 158KB Mar 22, 2012
SX, Sb-Series Rigging Manual EN 271KB Mar 22, 2012
Zx1 Series Loudspeaker Owners' Manual EN 2.21MB Mar 11, 2014
ZX1i Owners' Manual EN 770KB Mar 22, 2012
ZX1I Owners' Manual EN 770KB Aug 1, 2018
ZxA1 Series Loudspeaker Owners' Manual EN 3.97MB Mar 6, 2014
ZxA5 Series Owners' Manual EN 3.12MB Mar 22, 2012
Name Size Date
Zx3 Presets for DC One ZIP 32KB Sep 30, 2009
Zx3 Presets for DX38 ZIP 862KB Sep 30, 2009
Zx3 Presets for IRIS-Net ZIP 8KB Sep 30, 2009
ZX5-60 DX-38 Bi-Amp P3000 ZIP 40KB Dec 26, 2007
ZX5-90 DX-38 Bi-Amp P3000 ZIP 40KB Dec 26, 2007
Name Size Date
Purobeach 2 809KB Nov 2, 2015
SHLeeds0872 1800 1.77MB Nov 2, 2015
Marriott Marquis Houston 17 1.44MB Feb 3, 2017
Silenci 06 2.11MB Nov 2, 2015
Silenci 08 2.34MB Nov 2, 2015
Silenci 09 1.92MB Nov 2, 2015
Silenci 11 2.59MB Nov 2, 2015

ZXA1 left-trans

SB122 7oc

ZX1 80thAnn

ZX1 Monitor-trans


ZX4 monitor

ZX5 7oc-trans


SB122 5oc

ZX1 front-trans

ZX1i Front-trans

ZX1SUB front

ZX1SUB rear

ZX3 fr-trans


ZX3Gr fr-trans


ZX4 5oc-trans

ZX4 Front


ZX5-90PI inputpanel-trans

ZXA1 rear panel-trans

ZXA1 rear-trans


ZXA1SUB Comboan

ZXA1SUB Combofr

ZXA1SUB Combole


ZXA1SUB Stackan

ZXA1SUB StackComboan

ZXA1SUB StackCombofr

ZXA1SUB StackCombole

ZXA1SUB Stackfr




Name Language Size Date
Warranty conditions for Electro-Voice products in North America EN 160KB Sep 14, 2020
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Basic Audio Terminology EN 2.74MB Dec 13, 2012
Audio 101 - Loudspeaker Basics EN 3.02MB Dec 13, 2012
EASE Data Explanation EN 934KB Nov 17, 2015
PA Bible 02: Power Handling Capacity EN 422KB Dec 26, 2007
PA Bible 11: Portable Sound Systems for the Small Club EN 470KB Dec 26, 2007
The EV PA Bible EN 1.14MB Dec 26, 2007
The PA Bible Chapter Zero EN 1.14MB Jun 11, 2018

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